Free PDF Editor 1.3

Create or edit your own PDF files with images, spreadsheets or word processing documents for free

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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Free PDF Editor 1.3
Free PDF Editor 2014

Free PDF Editor is a piece of software that allows you to create and edit PDFs absolutely for free. PDFs are convenient files that can be read by almost any digital system, but not everyone has the ability to simply create a PDF, and even fewer people can edit PDFs due to the image-based nature of the format. Word documents and spreadsheets from Excel might be easy to change, but that's only because those file types are meant to change. PDFs aren't typically designed to be edited.

Perhaps a better name for this app would be Free PDF Creator since it primarily creates PDF files, but it does come with many editing options that you won't find in other PDF readers. The UI for the software is straightforward, and you can use it to edit text, graphics, and photos in a format that's reminiscent of digital publishing.

To create a PDF, you must drag and drop the components you want included in the blank file. You can then resize and manipulate the elements so they flow as you would like them. For instance, if you wanted to make your brand's logo appear larger, you could do so, and you could shrink the annoying fine print.

Free PDF Editor is perfect for creating promo flyers, brochures, invitations, business documents, official forms, and anything else that you can imagine. It doesn't matter why you need a PDF, if you have compatible content in another file format, you can get the job done with this software. Thanks to the free licensing of the software, you can take advantage of its power for either commercial or personal utility.

It's not difficult to figure out how to use this software since it has a lot of explanations and hints throughout. You can easily add text by searching for the option through the main menu or simply pressing the Insert Text button on the toolbar. Once you've entered your text, you can alter it in a number of ways. You can change the size of the text, the color, and the font. The software also gives the freedom to move the text for optimal placement.

With the Insert Image function, you can select photos from your system and add them to the new PDF. Most standard photo formats will work, including PNG, JPEG, JPG, BMP, and GIF. After you've positioned and altered everything to your liking, you can finalize the PDF by clicking the Create PDF button.

If you need to generate professional PDFs using an A4 size, this tool is more than capable of handling the task. You can change the layout to set up columns, and you can create PDFs with multiple pages. If you want to change any of the PDF properties, you can do so with this software.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Create Shapes From Images
  • Acrobat-Independent
  • Changeable Margins


  • Personal Editing Only
  • Limited From Professional Perspective

Free PDF Editor is a Windows application for performing small edits to Adobe PDF files, such as annotations, spelling corrections and redactions.

When you first download Free PDF Editor, you can launch the installation wizard by double-clicking the downloaded file. The wizard guides you through the process of configuring your system for the software and creating application directories. To launch Free PDF Editor, click "Finish" at the end of the installation.

Free PDF Editor does a good job of editing PDF files. However, the program is only capable of performing small edits due to the nature of PDF Files. That is, PDF Files are intended to remain unedited and, thus, were designed with a rigid structure. The user may find the application interface to be overwhelming because of the large number of functions scattered throughout the user interface. The program's intention seems to be to offer an alternative to Microsoft Word with regard to editing PDF files, but the user interface doesn't quite compare to Microsoft's intuitive user experience.

To edit a PDF file, simply press "Ctrl-O" to open a file and begin using the standard editing features accessible from the menu bar. You can add text by selecting the "Text" tool or create tables by clicking the "Insert" menu and selecting an option. To save your edited file, press "Ctrl-S."

If you make a lot of changes on the original PDF file, your results may end up looking strange and difficult to read. You may notice that the original formatting of your PDF is completely out of alignment. Furthermore, if there were any tables or columns in the original document, they will no longer be formatted correctly. The best approach with Free PDF Editor is to make very small adjustments to simple PDF documents. Don't expect to get professional results unless you have the original Adobe InDesign application and project files.

For small edits to simple PDF files, Free PDF Editor does its job as well as similar applications. You can also convert PDF documents to other formats. These formats include Word files and spreadsheets. If you want to add a signature or watermark to the document, you can use the embedded interface buttons to carry out these tasks. Additionally, you can remove watermarks from some documents if they aren't very complicated to begin with. As with other edits to complicated PDF files, watermark removal can throw your file out of alignment and cause it to look disorganized.

Converting simple documents to Word files can save the time it would take to copy the text to a new file. Similarly, converting PDF files to spreadsheets can save time if the original file isn't too complicated. Otherwise, it could take even longer than manually copying the information. For simple files that are easy to convert, the user can utilize the spreadsheet version to perform statistics and arithmetic on any figures included in the original text.


  • Useful for small edits to simple files
  • Add signatures to PDF files


  • Complicated interface
  • Extensive edits usually have bad results

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